Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

When designing a new product or updating an existing one, it’s important to think of all aspects of the product – from its functionality and durability to how it will look. When it comes to the screws that hold a product together, the head shape, material, threading and custom features can play a huge role in its final appearance and strength.

A button head socket cap screw is a type of fastener that has a low domed head with a raised button in the center and an internal hexagonal drive hole that’s tightened using an allen wrench (hex key). Generally, they’re used in applications where there isn’t enough room to use a hex-head screw with a countersunk socket.

They’re typically made of steel with a corrosion resistant coating, and can also be found in stainless steel. They’re available with a range of head shapes and sizes, and can be customized to meet your design requirements in terms of length, diameter, threading and more.

Like hex head bolts, socket countersunk head capscrews have a flat head with a large bearing surface that helps prevent looseness. They’re commonly used in shear and tensile applications, including machine tools, power equipment, hand and power tools, industrial applications, metal stamping dies, plastic injection molds and automotive industry. Unlike hex bolts, which generate a tensile load by stretching the threads to clamp parts together, socket set screws create a compressive force by pushing the point of the screw into the mating application – this is more common in shaft collars and crash bars on exit doors. Button Head Cap Screw

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