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A breast pump is a device that allows a nursing mother to express or remove her own breast milk for later use. It can be a manual device powered by hand movements or an automatic one that uses electricity. Pumping can help increase a breastfeeding mother’s milk supply, ease engorged or plugged breasts, and prepare for returning to work or school.

You’ll need a few essentials to get started, including a breast-shield and a milk container. You may also want a hands-free pumping bra and an extra set of tubing, if desired.

If you plan to rent or buy a pump, choose one that is designed for single-users and avoid sharing pumps with other women. Likewise, if you plan to borrow a pump from a friend or family member, only do so if it is designed for multiple users and has its own accessory kit, which lowers the risk of contamination.

Before using the pump, read its instruction manual and find a comfortable spot. Relaxing before and during pumping can help stimulate the nipples and encourage milk letdown. Some mothers find it helpful to hold a baby or look at a photo of their infant while they pump.

Begin pumping by putting the breast shield (flange) over each breast, making sure your nipple is in the middle of the opening. Once the breast-shield is in place, press a button for a powered pump or start squeezing a lever on a manual pump to create and release a suction cycle and express milk. The pumped milk is then collected in an attached container. breast pump

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