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Mould is a huge health risk which can cause asthma and respiratory dysfunction. It also aggravates allergies and can induce flu-like symptoms in healthy individuals. Mould spores are toxic and can be found in water-soaked wood, wall paneling, ceiling tiles and cardboard.

Moisture is key for mould growth and it typically occurs as a result of water ingress from flooding, leaks or poor ventilation. It can also be caused by damp basements, attics and crawl spaces. This moisture can cause condensation that settles and then dries on surfaces. This can create a perfect environment for black mould to grow.

The presence of black mould in your home can be identified by tell-tale dark patches, a musty odour or a moist, wet feeling. If left unchecked, it can damage walls, carpets and furniture as well as pose a health hazard to people living in the property.

A professional black mould remediation and treatment is required to eliminate this fungus and prevent it from returning. It is important that you seek a qualified black mould specialist for detailed testing and proper sealing of contaminated areas to ensure that this problem does not return.

Many people attempt a DIY approach to the cleaning of black mould using bleach based products. This can improve the appearance of the mould but does not address the underlying issue. This can lead to the black mould returning quickly. A professional black mould removal service will include testing the air, odour control and the proper seal of contaminated areas to provide a complete and comprehensive black mould solution. mould removal london

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