Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

The arden is a close-knit community of theater and arts fans, craftspeople, artists and musicians. They are a diverse group with many interests, but they come together at the annual fair and the Gild Hall to share the joy of live performances, from classics to contemporary music and theater. They also support the annual summer pool, where they can meet their neighbors in a fun, friendly atmosphere while enjoying the company of children and adults alike.

The community’s woods are a beautiful and peaceful retreat. Residents maintain their natural beauty by participating in annual woods cleanups and ivy pulls. The area is rich in wildlife, including wildflowers and birds. The arden is also known for its distinctive Triassic white heterolithic sandstone, which can be seen in many local buildings. The name “arden” is thought to be derived from the Brythonic word ardu, meaning highland. The arden lies near the geographical center of England, surrounded by Roman roads (Icknield Street, Watling Street and Fosse Way), a prehistoric salt track and the ancient Forest of Arden.

The arden is within walking distance of Weill Cornell Medical College, Marymount Manhattan College and Hunter College. Transportation options include 86 Street (4,5,6 Line) and several bus lines. The arden is a walker’s paradise with world-class transportation, and is also very bikeable.

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