Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

A portable fire fighting pump is a pressure-increasing device that increases the flow of water to firefighting hose lines when there’s not enough existing water pressure. These pumps are often used in conjunction with sprinkler systems and they are also integrated into fire trucks and boats to act as water boosters. They can also be used to fill booster tanks at the scene of a wildfire or to pump water up to high elevation areas that traditional firefighting nozzles can’t reach.

Angus Fire offers a range of high-quality portable fire pumps powered by either gasoline or diesel engines to meet the needs of fire departments around the world. All Angus Fire pumps are manufactured in accordance with NFPA standards and subjected to rigorous type testing by independent certification authorities.

Selection of a portable pump is driven by a number of factors including the potential fire hazard, availability of an accessible water supply and a department’s capability to operate and maintain a fire fighting pump. Whether the department requires a low or high pressure pump, nozzles and hose sizes must be taken into account as well.

A portable pump is typically a centrifugal pump, although double-suction radial flow pumps or submersible borehole pumps are also available. Most are designed for portable use and must be capable of starting reliably, even after a prolonged period of inactivity. The pumps must also be able to quickly ramp up to full pump power output when the system is activated.

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