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Cartagena is a beautiful city on the Colombian coast and has some of the most stunning beaches in all of the country. The swath of gorgeous white sand known as Playa Blanca is the centerpiece of many Cartagena tours and can be quite crowded on weekends and during peak travel times. However, it’s possible to find a quieter beach if you know where to look. Here’s our guide to Cartagena Private Beach, where you can escape the crowds and enjoy a tropical getaway.

One of the best beaches in Cartagena is a private enclave inside the resort of Gente del Mar. While you can only visit this beautiful Cartagena beach as part of a tour from the city, it is worth a stop for visitors looking to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets in the city. The sand here is pristine and has a turquoise blue Caribbean hue that’s not found on the crowded urban beaches of the city.

The beach is surrounded by a canopy of trees and has wonderful lounge chairs that you can relax in while enjoying the crystal clear water. The onsite restaurant serves excellent food with options that are a bit different than the typical Cartagena dishes. There are also a number of great little cabins that can be booked for a night or two to make the stay even more relaxing.

This Cartagena private beach is located on the northern side of Isla Baru and tends to be a bit less crowded than the popular Playa Blanca. The sand here is more rocky than the pristine, picture-postcard white of Playa Blanca and the water is a little bit cloudier but still very pretty.

Another lovely beach that’s a bit more secluded is Playa Manglares. While the water is not as clear as at Playa Blanca, it is a beautiful shade of blue and a great place to enjoy the sun and surf without all the distractions of Isla Baru. It’s located just past the crowded area of La Boquilla, and it’s a favorite spot for locals to enjoy a peaceful day on the beach.

You can walk to this Cartagena private beach from the town center, or you can get a bus to La Boquilla and then take a taxi or mototaxis. If you’re planning to come here for a day, we recommend visiting on a weekday as it tends to be much quieter and more relaxed than on the weekend when there are more crowds and vendors. You’ll also have a better chance of finding some of those nice secluded lounge chairs! Cartagena Private Beach

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