Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

A career in Voice Acting lets you work creatively for a living. You get to play a part in making multimedia products that can help companies and individuals grow. It’s extremely fulfilling to see a client, from an international corporation to a small local business, succeed because of the voice over you provided. Voice actors also have the ability to continue learning and sharpening their technical skills. Daily practice involving reading scripts and recording themselves is key for voice over artists, as well as continually auditioning for projects.

Creating a reel of voice acting work — also known as a demo — is essential to find jobs and begin getting paid for your services. The quality of your demo reel can make or break your chances of being hired for a project. You will likely have to work for free for a while on tiny projects to build up your resume and make a good demo, but it’s important that you remain positive and persistent. Don’t let rejection or failure to land a gig stop you from continuing your pursuit of a career in Voice Acting.

Running a voice over business requires an understanding of business and marketing practices, in addition to the time and financial commitment needed to invest in professional-grade equipment and create a home studio. Most voice actors are equal parts actor and entrepreneur, and must manage their business like any other business would. They must also be self-employed and able to negotiate contracts and schedules with clients. career in Voice Acting

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