Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

L’accessoire indispensable pour les recettes et les patisseries de haute précision. Whether you need to measure the precise amount of flour for your macarons, or the exact quantity of paprika to add, a balance de cuisine is essential. And it’s easy to choose from among our range of models, which are both sturdy and elegant. The French brand Terraillon, renowned for the quality of its products, offers this model, which is both praticite and accurate. Its large graduations, ranging from 1g up to 15 kg, make it highly versatile and will easily cope with the heaviest of ingredients.

The range also includes modern electronic models, which feature a high degree of precision and a handy tare function. In addition, some come with a large bol en acier inoxydable, making them both practical and sturdy. They are also easy to clean, thanks to their anti-derapant feet and smooth surface. Some of our models are even portable, with a convenient handle and folding legs for ease of storage in your kitchen drawer.

The majority of our models are based on the professional kitchen scale, and offer you a very precise pesage (up to 0,5 g or 1 g prés). Some also have an intelligent conversion of liquids, which can be extremely useful, for example, when a recipe calls for adding l’eau, l’huile ou le lait en plus des ingredients secs avant la cuisson. A few are also equipped with a USB port, which makes them simple and quick to recharge. balance decuisine

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