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“Good Boys Go to Heaven & Bad Boys Go to Pattaya”. Thailand is not about this cheesy hoo-ha anymore. This Southeast Asian destination is for everyone now- good, bad, and saint-like. Geographically located in the central region of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula, Thailand is one magical place indeed. Do you know that this country has one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems? Quite hard to ignore the idyllic landscapes, amazing beaches, fauna, and beautiful sunsets. Look beyond the fish fries, sunny beaches, and you will find stories, culture, and more.

Know about Thailand from a different perspective:1. Colonization

When you look at Thailand, it is not only the Asian culture that you see but a lot of history pertinent to its military rule and monarchy rule that lasted till 1932. Thailand is the only region in Southeast Asia that never got colonized. It was somewhere between 19th and the 20th century when Europe (called then) decided to keep Thailand as a neutral region or a peaceful borderline between their colonies. This was also a move to keep confrontations at bay.2. Hollywood’ Connection

A small island country and so much fame – it has to be Thailand. So, if you think that only travelers and Yogis approbate it as a fun place. Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ which was directed by Danny Boyle was shot in the beautiful island country of Thailand. Out of approximately 1400 islands, the gorgeous Koh Phi Phi was featured in the movie the most. No doubt, the beaches, and the exotic locales that complete beauty is some of the reasons why Thailand feels like heaven in real life.3. Grateful to Monkeys!?

Monkeys play a huge role in entertaining and attracting tourists who come from all over the world. No doubt, why the Monkey Beach in Krabi is loved and is famous amongst many other tourist attractions. Thai people host a separate festival as a token of appreciation and gratefulness. Known as the ‘Monkey Buffet’, this festival is hosted in Lopburi province, right outside the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple and is enjoyed by all. The locals offer meat, veggies, and ice-creams to these beings.4. Rare Fauna

Apart from Monkeys, there is more to the fauna in Thailand. Do you know that a rare species of Bats is only found in Thailand and nowhere else in the world? Yes, you will be amazed to know that the world’s smallest mammal is seen in western Thailand only. The Kitti’s bat with a hog-like nose is merely and roughly 3 centimeters long and weighing around 2 grams only. These species are known to dwell beneath the limestone rock and happily feed on insects.5. Buddhism

The preaching of Buddha influences the people of Thailand and forms a big part of their culture. No wonder, this destination is popularly recognized as a Buddhist Nation. With more than 90% of the population following Buddhism, you will find a lot of its influence on the food, traditions, retreats like Yoga and spiritual ones, and even ethics. Witness the amazing facet to Thailand and visit the Buddha temples here that exude beauty in its every carving and amazing architecture. Thailand elite how to

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